The complete guide with some great resources at the end!

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Here’s my first travel crisis and I’m not even travelling yet!

My own self getting hopeless — Photo by the Author
  • I feel good at the moment. No symptoms whatsoever, no fever, no cough, no headache. Still a good sense of smell and taste (I guess I won’t lose those extra kilos this time).
  • I haven’t met anyone at risk in the last week and just one of my housemates is home. Well… Now that I’m typing this I’m starting to feel something in my throat… It’s…


Anxiety, stress and other lovely feelings you will experience before becoming a digital nomad

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But the cramps later on were no joke!

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Why I changed my contraceptive method?

When your life-long dream is about to become a reality

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Parks I love to go to to avoid tourists

De Natureluur Sloterpark, Amsterdam — Photo taken by the Author

After nine months on this platform, here are my thoughts

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How I spend my free days in Amsterdam

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1. The Movie

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And 40 euros on my first EIGHT months on Medium

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What is Upwork?

Upwork is a platform that connects people in need of freelancers and freelancers.

Cristina Miceli

A 23 year old freelancer trying to figure out what to do in her life. Spoiler alert: the answer is traveling.

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